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Georgia’s M. T. Green asks followers about their opinion, they respond with calls for her removal from office

Georgia – Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, representing Georgia’s 14th District, most probably regrets her decision to ask her followers on X, previously known as Twitter, about their opinion, as the majority of the replies were calls for her removal from office. While Greene is used to such replies from the online community, she didn’t see this coming at the end of the last month when she turned to X to ask her followers about New Year resolution suggestions for the federal government.

The Georgia Republican asked her followers and others in December 30 posts on X, formerly Twitter, about what resolutions the federal government should have. Greene is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s agenda and has been highly critical of the federal government in the past.

“In the new year, what should the federal government’s New Year’s resolutions be?” Greene asked on one of her two X accounts. She later asked a similar question on her other X account.

Since being shared on the platform, Green’s posts have attracted nearly 700,000 views combined.

It’s fair to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene has a die-hard support base that approves most of her actions and behavior. That said, some of the people commenting on her posts once again showed their commitment to Greene’s behavior by genuinely providing tips and answering her question.

A verified user that goes by the name One Bad Dude commented “Secure our damn border!

Another verified user, Gary D Motts, said “Do something meaningful that helps Americans.  Close the border, deport illegals, support schools, and education. Establish order and arrest and prosecute retail theft.

SamJ commented, “America First…close the border, deport all illegals, get rid of Biden, bring down inflation, make America energy dependent and affordable again!”

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But, as expected, most of the comments were against the controversial Congresswoman whose post backfired as most of the replies were calls for her removal from office.

X user Christy commented: “Get rid of you for starters! Stop blackmailing other countries the aid we promised them to try to solve a problem we have had for decades. Stop turning the house into a SNL skit. Stop embarrassing America…I could go on and on.” This comment alone has nearly 400 likes and more than 4k reach.

The Georgia Republican asked her followers on X, formerly Twitter, about what resolutions the federal government should have in 2024

Yasmine Mary, ARNP-FNP-C, another verified account commented “Getting rid of you”.

“Remove all insurrectionists from government. That means YOU!,”  said Mary Purviance, yet another verified account on X.

Since becoming a member of Congress, Greene has often disagreed with the policies and suggestions put forward by Democrats and states that lean towards the Democratic Party.

Recently, she sparked controversy by suggesting a “tax revolt” in California. This came after the state announced plans to extend free health care to undocumented immigrants starting in the new year.

Under this new initiative, from January 1, around 700,000 undocumented immigrants aged between 29 and 49 will be eligible for comprehensive health coverage through Medi-Cal. This program is designed to assist Californians with lower incomes in obtaining medical care.

This policy builds upon existing laws in California, which already provide healthcare access to undocumented children, young adults, and senior citizens over 50.

This step is in line with the goal of California’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, who, as reported by The Associated Press, is working towards offering universal healthcare to all of the state’s nearly 40 million inhabitants.

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Greene voiced her concern over the proposal in a post shared on X on Friday that said: “A tax revolt would solve this problem in California.”

Aurelia Whitlock



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