Our team

Leander Thorne

Leander Thorne stepped into the role of Publisher at Alpharetta News after a dynamic career in journalism and media management. With a degree in Communications from the University of Georgia, Leander’s passion for local storytelling and community engagement has been the driving force behind the website’s growth. Under Leander’s leadership, Alpharetta News has expanded its reach, covering not only Alpharetta but also wider Atlanta and Georgia, emphasizing in-depth reporting and local issues. Leander’s vision for the publication is to make it a cornerstone of local journalism, fostering a well-informed and connected community.

Gideon Blackwell

Gideon Blackwell, the Editor of Alpharetta News, brings over a decade of experience in news editing and digital journalism. A graduate of Emory University with a major in Journalism, Gideon has honed his skills in various newsrooms across Georgia. At Alpharetta News, he is known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to journalistic integrity. Gideon plays a crucial role in shaping the news coverage, ensuring that stories are not only newsworthy but also resonate with the local community. His expertise in digital media has been instrumental in adapting the publication to the changing landscape of news consumption.

Aurelia Whitlock

Aurelia Whitlock, another esteemed writer at Alpharetta News, focuses on human interest stories and community events. A native of Alpharetta and a graduate in English Literature from the University of Atlanta, Aurelia’s writing captures the essence of the community’s spirit. Her stories range from profiles of local figures to coverage of cultural events, all written with a personal touch that brings the community closer. Aurelia’s empathetic and engaging storytelling style has made her a favorite among local readers, offering a window into the diverse and vibrant life of Alpharetta and beyond.

Calliope Hargrave

Calliope Hargrave is a dedicated news writer at Alpharetta News, specializing in local government and policy. With a background in Political Science from Georgia State University, Calliope has a knack for dissecting complex legislative issues and presenting them in an accessible manner. Her articles often shed light on local governance and its impact on the Alpharetta community. Calliope reporting is valued for its clarity, depth, and ability to engage readers in meaningful discussions about their civic environment.