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Free Medicaid re-enrollment event scheduled in DeKalb County

Decatur, Georgia – DeKalb County is stepping up efforts to ensure its residents do not lose their crucial health insurance coverage by organizing a second Medicaid re-enrollment event. This initiative is critical as it aims to address the alarming number of Georgians who have recently lost Medicaid coverage.

Essential Health Insurance Support

This initiative is a collaborative effort, as explained by DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond: “DeKalb County is partnering with the DeKalb County office of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and other state and local agencies to help residents access critical healthcare coverage.” The upcoming free event is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at a location that once housed Sam’s Club at 2994 Turner Hill Rd., Stonecrest.

The fact that about 500,000 Georgia residents, mostly children, have lost their Medicaid coverage emphasizes the urgency of these re-enrollment events. The first event held in November saw a promising turnout, with hundreds of residents getting assistance with their re-enrollment process. Dr. S. Elizabeth Ford, a healthcare advisor to CEO Thurmond, emphasized the event’s success and the ongoing commitment to ensure both adults and children in Georgia maintain their essential healthcare coverage.

Participants looking to re-enroll in Medicaid are advised to bring several important documents to facilitate the process. These include paystubs or paycheck copies to verify gross income, letters awarding Social Security income or unemployment benefits, applications for other benefits like unemployment or disability, and verification documents for any new family members being added to the coverage.

Residents wishing to re-enroll during the free event are asked to pre-register through the county’s website. DeKalb County has garnered support from several significant partners for this event, including Emory Healthcare, PeachState, PeachCare for Kids, Caresource, and Amerigroup, aiming to provide comprehensive support to those in need.

Moreover, DeKalb County urges all Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids recipients to log into their accounts on www.gateway.ga.gov to confirm contact details and check the redetermination date.

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