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Georgia DA in Trump’s case says racism plays major role in the romantic relationship with prosecutor allegations

Georgia – In her first public speech since rumors spread about her romantic ties with a lawyer she employed for Donald Trump’s Georgia election investigation, F.C. District Attorney Fani Willis strongly criticized Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for the harsh words aimed at her.

“Dear God, I do not want to be like those that attacked me,” Willis said during a speech made in front of the congregation of a historic Black church on Sunday. “I never want to be a Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has never met me, but has allowed her spirit to be filled with hate.”

Willis neither confirmed nor denied a relationship with Nathan Wade

While Willis did not directly confirm nor deny whether she had been in a relationship with Nathan Wade, in her 35-minute speech she suggested that racism was at the heart of the allegations against her and the outside attorney, a Black man. The Fulton County DA was also accused of profiting financially from hiring Wade.

“I don’t think either of us at the time had an idea what I would inherit or gain as I became a DA,” she said on Sunday, nearly a week after the allegations first emerged. “A divorced single mom who doesn’t belong to the right social groups, doesn’t necessarily come from the right family, doesn’t have the right pedigree. The assignment was just too high for lowly me,” she said.

“Seven of the highest profile cases in the United States going to land right here? No, please make it stop. God, you forgot to mention that my life and the life of my family would be threatened so regularly, I now think it’s not normal if I don’t have two death threats a week,” Willis added.

“God, you did not tell me that people would call me the N-word more than they call me Fani.”

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Georgia DA Fani Willis strongly criticized Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for the harsh words aimed at her and romantic relationship

Willis throws harsh words on Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

District Attorney Fani Willis brought up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who complained about Willis’ supposed relationship with Wade. Willis noted Greene hadn’t contacted her, even amid personal threats.

“How does this woman, who has the honor of being a leader in my state, how is it that she has not reached out to me?” Willis asked. “She can tell me, I don’t agree with anything you’re doing, but I do not agree with people threatening your life or the life of your family.”

Recently, Greene discussed on Fox Business her move to urge Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr to investigate Willis and Wade.

Just days before Willis’s sermon, Greene wrote to the state’s governor, Brian Kemp, and the state attorney general, Christopher Carr, asking that they initiate a criminal investigation of Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade, her alleged boyfriend.

“Georgians are sick and tired of Fani using her office to go after [President] Joe Biden’s top political opponent rather than going after real crime in Georgia,” she added.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner on Monday, Greene accused Willis of playing “the race card” to distract from allegations that she misused public funds.

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“We all know that Democrats, when they’re in trouble, they go running to the closest Black church and attack people and lie about people,” she said of the district attorney. “So, she’s definitely guilty.”

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