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GOP lawmakers from Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are preparing a bill that will remove President Biden from the ballot

Former president Donald Trump is in the middle of several legal battles in different states. These ongoing processes haven’t affected his run for president, but a recent court ruling has been the biggest hit for him. According to a decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, President Donald Trump (R) would be removed from the Colorado Republican primary ballot, a step that sparked a lot of debate nationwide.

The court’s decision referenced the 14th Amendment, which stops U.S. officials who promise to support the Constitution from serving again if they participate in a rebellion. The court thought Donald Trump couldn’t be in office again due to his role in the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol incident.

Now, Republican politicians from three states are thinking about doing something similar to the current U.S. President, Joe Biden. Republican representatives from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are planning to propose a law to take President Biden off the ballot in those states.

Aaron Bernstine from Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives, Cory McGarr from Arizona’s House of Representatives, and Charlice Byrd from Georgia’s House of Representatives announced last week their intention to exclude Biden from the 2024 election ballots in these states.

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This news was verified by several right-wing news outlets, including Breitbart News. The Republican lawmakers said they are working together to create a law that would prevent Joe Biden from being on the ballot in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

“The absurdity of radical Democrat judges removing Donald Trump from the ballot in Colorado will be a stain on the American political system for decades. By their very own interpretation of the law, Joe Biden is 100% not eligible to run for political office,” the press release read.

“Democrats’ insane justification to remove Trump can just as easily be applied to Joe Biden for his ‘insurrection’ at the southern border and his alleged corrupt family business dealings with China.”

If President Biden is taken off the primary ballots, winning the nomination could be tough for him since Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are key states in the election.

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Currently, President Biden’s approval ratings are not good. He’s struggling with several issues, especially with increasing inflation and high prices, as well as immigration policies. Since becoming President, he has faced ongoing challenges due to the large number of migrants coming into the country.

While passing legislation to remove Biden from the ballot is a long shot, the odds are worse in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, which has a slim Democratic majority.

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