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Alpharetta Department of Public Safety shares tips for safe New Year celebration

Alpharetta, Georgia – The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety is sending out important notes to make sure everyone has a safe New Year’s celebration. From New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day, almost 40% of deaths are caused by drunk drivers. This is known as the most dangerous time when it comes to drunk driving. The department’s message is clear – “Drive sober, get there alive.”

An important anniversary makes this lesson even more important. This New Year’s Eve marks five years since an Alpharetta officer’s vehicle was struck by a suspected DUI driver. The officer had left their car in the middle of the road with the emergency lights on while they helped with a crash on GA400 Southbound. Fortunately, the officer was not in the patrol vehicle when another at the time of the crash.

The police department wants the people in the area to be mindful about keeping everyone safe. “Don’t become someone’s reminder of how dangerous driving while impaired can be,” they warn. The department gave the following important tips:

  • Always Wearing a Seatbelt: This simple action can save lives and is the first line of defense in a vehicle.
  • Designating a Driver: If planning to go out, choose a designated driver before the celebrations start. This ensures that there is someone responsible for driving who remains sober throughout the night.
  • Utilizing Ride-Sharing Services: In the absence of a designated driver, services like Uber or Lyft are recommended for safe travel between destinations.
  • Hosting Responsibilities: Those hosting celebrations should ensure that all guests have a sober means of getting home.
  • Vigilance on the Road: The public is encouraged to call 911 if they spot an impaired driver. This act of vigilance can prevent potential tragedies.

This New Year, the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety wants people to take care about the neighborhood, not just stay out of trouble with the law. They stress how important it is to protect yourself and others by making smart choices. As we say goodbye to another year, let’s follow these rules to make sure the new year starts off safe and happy.

Aurelia Whitlock



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