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Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved an intent to call a referendum regarding a $17 billion transit plan

Gwinnett County, Georgia – On Tuesday, the leaders of Gwinnett County decided to move forward with a plan to ask the public in November about a huge $17 billion project to make the county’s public transport better.

They agreed to propose a vote on a project to change and enhance bus services in the area.

The plan involves a special sales tax that, if approved in the November election, would pay for better bus connections to the airport and improve current bus and shuttle services.

Back in 2020, the people of Gwinnett County voted against a similar proposal, which included extending MARTA services in the county. However, this new proposal doesn’t include extending MARTA services in the county.

“This is a Gwinnett County local transit plan,” said Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson after Tuesday’s vote.

The proposal is about starting a shuttle service for airplanes, picking up people from different spots in the county and taking them straight to the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This means they wouldn’t have to change vehicles.

A key element is microtransit, which would increase the number of on-demand shuttles in the county. The funds would also enhance regular buses, rapid bus transit, and technology.

The total cost, around $17 billion, would be spread over more than 30 years. To fully implement this plan, a special sales tax needs to be approved by the voters.

“We’re talking one penny, one percent sales tax which will help fund these critical projects and allow us to scale across the county,” Hendrickson said.

Starting in February, there will be an effort to educate voters about the plan’s specifics. In May, the county commissioners will decide if they should put this proposal on the November ballot for a vote.

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