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List of prominent Georgians who endorsed Trump’s comeback bid so far

Georgia – Ex-President Donald Trump just gained significant support in Georgia. Tyler Harper, the Agriculture Commissioner, and about half of the Georgia Senate’s Republican members are now backing Trump’s attempt to return to office. This big news came right before Trump competes with ex-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary.

As Trump remains the favorite GOP presidential candidate, growing number of prominent Georgians expressed their endorsement

Trump leads the Republican race; Haley remains only challenger

Numerous polls recently showed that Trump would most probably be the Republican nominee as everyone, including the once-popular Ron DeSantis, decided to suspend their bids except for Nikki Haley, who is expected to challenge Trump at least for a while. Not just in Georgia, but former U.S. President Donald Trump secured some very important endorsements in numerous states, including from DeSantis, who immediately showed support after announcing his campaign suspension.

Most top Republicans in Georgia were hesitant to support anyone for president, especially since Trump had issues with Governor Brian Kemp and other Republican leaders. But this is changing as Georgia’s primary on March 12 gets closer. Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson recently backed Trump. Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones, an early Trump supporter in Georgia, is convincing other lawmakers to support Trump too.Top of Form

Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper praises Trump for supporting farmers and the agriculture sector

Tyler Harper, who became Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner in 2022, supports Trump. He believes Trump has successfully supported farmers and the agricultural sector. Harper thinks it’s time for the party to unite and expand its base to bring back sanity, common sense, and prosperity to the U.S. He aims to oppose President Joe Biden’s policies, eyeing a potential run for a higher position in 2026.

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Trump’s supporters in the Georgia Senate come from various backgrounds. The group includes influential members like Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch. State Senator Jason Anavitarte, initially backing Scott, is also supporting Trump.

Some of these senators had previously tried to delay the certification of Biden’s 2020 election victory. They had called for a special legislative session to choose different presidential electors.

Who has endorsed Trump so far in Georgia?

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Here’s the full list of prominent Georgians who endorsed Trump:

Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper

State Sen. Jason Anavitarte of Dallas

State Sen. Lee Anderson of Grovetown

State Sen. Brandon Beach of Alpharetta

State Sen. Matt Brass of Newnan

State Sen. Clint Dixon of Gwinnett County

State Sen. Greg Dolezal of Cumming

State Sen. Steve Gooch of Dahlonega

State Sen. Russ Goodman of Cordell

State Sen. Marty Harbin of Tyrone

State Sen. Billy Hickman of Statesboro

State Sen. Colton Moore of Trenton

State Sen. Brian Strickland of McDonough

State Sen. Carden Summers of Cordele

State Sen. Blake Tillery of Vidalia

State Sen. Sam Watson of Moultrie

Calliope Hargrave



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