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Trestletree Village in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia’s Grant Park and Ormewood Park neighborhoods, lies an urban oasis known as Trestletree Village. This significant community project is a collection of garden-style, two-story walk-up family apartments that stretch across nearly 21 acres.

Trestletree Atlanta – Quality living at its best

Tucked away amidst vibrant surroundings, these residences offer quality living with comfortability to match affordability. The convenience factor isn’t compromised either; residents can enjoy easy access to public transportation facilities located nearby.

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The professional staff at Trestletree Village are committed to providing top-notch property management services while also focusing on enhancing their local communities’ overall appeal.

Security features & amenities

The integration of cutting-edge security features, such as controlled entry gates into the property and a robust surveillance system with 46 cameras linked directly to the APD video system, has ensured the safety of all its residents.

Each location boasts well-equipped community centers featuring computer labs perfect for those who work from home or students needing study space—additionally equipped arts and crafts rooms and laundry facilities add more charm and functionality to each center, respectively.

For families, playgrounds and landscaped grounds provide ample opportunity for fun outdoor activities, whereas adults might find solace in serene gathering areas scattered throughout the complex’s landscape where they could unwind after a long day of hustle and bustle in city life.

Adding sustainability and participation The HUD Go Green program encourages recycling among tenants and provides dedicated trash containers spread out throughout the entire apartment complex, making it easier for everyone to contribute towards a greener environment without much effort.

From history to recent times

Built between 1943 and 1953, it underwent renovations during periods (2009–2012). Additional upgrades were completed in 2014 by Steele Properties. These modern enhancements have only added value to this beautiful residential setup, offering comfortable homes nestled amidst lush green landscapes.

Trestletree Atlanta – The perfect living solution

Trestletree Village Apartments offer two-bedroom garden-style homes that are not just comfortable but also affordable. With a resident parking pass program in place, the convenience factor has been taken up another notch.

The community centers at each location come equipped with facilities such as computer labs and arts and crafts areas, while laundry services ensure residents’ daily chores become hassle-free experiences.

Community revitalization and sustainable living

The Trestletree Village Apartments project stands as a testament to revitalizing communities and promoting sustainable living practices. It provides cozy yet budget-friendly housing options, which significantly contributes to overall development safety.

Grant Ormewood Park neighborhoods in Atlanta This residential gem nestled in the heart of the city’s vibrant neighborhood offers a perfect blend of urban and suburban life, providing a peaceful retreat in a bustling metropolis while maintaining proximity to all the dynamic offerings Atlanta has to offer.

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