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Webb Bridge Road construction: City of Alpharetta hired company and will pay $13 million

Alpharetta, Ga. – City of Alpharetta has decided to spend $13.7 million on building a new part of its Webb Bridge Road project. They chose OhmShiv Construction on February 5 to make a bunch of upgrades to a 1.6-mile section of Webb Bridge Road. This section goes from Big Creek Greenway to where it meets Maid Marion Close.

They expect it will take about 22 months to finish building this part. After the road project is finished, , the city confirmed that there will be plants and trees added along the road.

Right now, they’re also working on two other bits of the Webb Bridge Road project. One is fixing up the bridge that goes over Big Creek, and the other is making a roundabout and some changes at the Webb Bridge Way intersection.

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The whole idea behind the Webb Bridge Road project is to improve the road for the people living in those areas. The city wants to slow down cars, make it safer, and add nice things for people walking, biking, and enjoying the area. The city plans to make the road lanes narrower, only 10.5 feet wide, to slow down traffic. This will also make room for paths that everyone can use, bike lanes, places to walk with lights, and more.

When everything is finished, the Webb Bridge Road project will cover the whole road from Morris Road to Webb Bridge Way.

They’re breaking down the work into five phased for the project:

  • Phase 1: Extending the Culvert/Tunnel and access to Big Creek Greenway from Webb Bridge Road
  • Phase 2: Webb Bridge Park to Maid Marion Close including a roundabout at Webb Bridge Way
  • Phase 3: Maid Marion Way to the Big Creek Greenway
  • Phase 4: Big Creek Greenway to North Point Parkway
  • Phase 5: North Point Parkway to Morris Road

Right now, they’re building parts 2 and 4 of the project, and they’ve already finished part 1.

The work on making Webb Bridge Road better started back in 2016. They had meetings and design sessions where people living around Webb Bridge Road could share their ideas for the road and how it should look. The money to do this comes from a special sales tax for transportation that people in the county agreed to pay when they voted in 2016. They voted again in 2022 to keep this tax going.

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To stay up-to-date on construction and other work on this and other City of Alpharetta infrastructure projects, please visit the City Projects page of this website.

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