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Alpharetta sets new precedent with mid-year budget reallocation for city projects

Alpharetta, Georgia – Alpharetta City Council has taken decisive steps to improve the city’s parks and infrastructure, approving significant mid-year budget adjustments during a formal meeting on January 29. The adjustments, which await a second reading for finalization, demonstrate the city’s commitment to enhancing public amenities and essential infrastructure projects.

Strategic Funding for Infrastructure and Parks

In an effort to progress with key city projects without increasing the mid-year budget, Alpharetta officials have opted to reallocate existing funds. The decision underscores the council’s ability to manage the city’s finances prudently, marking a departure from previous practices of budget increases for mid-year adjustments. Councilman Brian Will highlighted this achievement, noting it as a significant break from past trends.

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The adjustments include an additional allocation of $100,000 for the Public Works Department. This funding is designated for obtaining right-of-way for the Waters Road bridge replacement, a project primarily funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation with a budget of $5.8 million. This move is crucial for enhancing transportation safety and efficiency within the city.

Furthermore, the Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Services Department is set to benefit from a $130,000 injection for the demolition of existing structures at the future site of Mayfield Park, located near Alpharetta’s border with Milton. The demolition costs are anticipated to be shared equally between Milton and Alpharetta, each contributing $65,000, paving the way for the development of a new recreational space for residents and visitors alike.

The city also projects an additional $1.6 million in earnings from its cash balances, earmarked for TSPLOST I projects. This fund is expected to support the Encore Parkway Big Creek Greenway connection, further enhancing the city’s green infrastructure and promoting outdoor activities among the community.

Election Savings and Grant Opportunities

In a notable fiscal maneuver, Alpharetta has reallocated funds initially reserved for the 2023 municipal election, which was canceled due to a lack of challengers. The city plans to transfer $270,533 of the $407,090 election budget to the city’s contingency fund, optimizing the use of public funds.

Additionally, the City Council voted unanimously to apply for a transportation alternative program grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). This grant, coupled with a $1 million match from Alpharetta’s TSPLOST II funds, aims to secure $4 million for the construction of the North Point Parkway streetscape project. Alpharetta’s proactive approach to leveraging state grants for local projects exemplifies strategic financial planning and investment in the city’s future.

The city is also enhancing its efforts to secure federal grants for ongoing and future projects by approving a lobbying contract with Alcade and Fay. This initiative, costing $5,000 a month, is designed to bolster Alpharetta’s presence in Washington D.C., signaling the city’s ambitious plans for growth and development.

As Alpharetta navigates these financial adjustments and project developments, the city demonstrates a clear vision for the future, prioritizing infrastructure improvements, recreational enhancements, and strategic partnerships. With these initiatives, Alpharetta continues to forge a path toward a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant community.

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