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Fulton County restores most critical services post-cyber attack

Fulton County, Georgia – Fulton County recently informed the public about its recovery efforts from a major cybersecurity event earlier this year that shut down many of the organization’s systems. Different services were interrupted, which affected both residents and companies. But the county has done a great job of getting things back to normal and making it easier for people to get to services they need.


According to the most recent update from Fulton County, all Fulton County organizations now have full phone service again. This is an important step toward reconnecting the community and making sure that all residents and departments can communicate.

Fulton County Property Tax System

In addition to telecommunication restoration, the Fulton County Property Tax System is now accessible to the public. People can now pay their property taxes by phone or online through the official website of the Fulton County Tax Commissioner. This repair also includes full access to property records and the Tax Assessors’ office, which makes the process easier for property owners and real estate agents.

Contact: https://fultoncountytaxes.org/ or by phone at 404-612-6000

Court System Access

Court system access has seen substantial improvement as well. Through the re:SearchGA tool, anyone can now see court records from Fulton County. This platform has files for Superior, State, Magistrate, and Probate Court that anyone can access. People who don’t have an account yet need to make one in order to use the services. The e-filing system for most courts is back online, though some exceptions remain as the county continues its restoration efforts.

The county has said that some files made since the cybersecurity incident in late January might not be available right away. This means that there is ongoing work in data restoration and system checks to ensure integrity and security.

For more information, the public should contact the respective Court with which they are interreacting:

Third-party background checks

Third-party background checks, essential for employment and various legal processes, were also impacted by the outage.  Background checks for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Police Department worked normally, but third-party checks that needed court records took longer than expected. These services are now back to normal, and companies doing background checks can now use a new record search site.

Residents of Fulton County are encouraged to email or call their customer service line if they need more help or information on other services. The county’s commitment to restoring and improving its systems following the cybersecurity incident is evident in the progress made and the resources allocated to ensure the community’s needs are met efficiently and securely.

Fulton County is still getting back on its feet after this major cybersecurity incident. The main goal is to strengthen the county’s digital infrastructure to stop similar problems from happening again. The public will also be kept updated and involved in the recovery process.

Other services

For additional information, or to connect with other Fulton County services, please email [email protected] or call 404-612-4000.

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