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Georgia educator caught on camera assaulting two five-year-old special education students released from jail

Georgia – Georgia special educator was released from jail several days after she was arrested on two counts of first-degree child cruelty in an incident that occurred last month, police confirmed in a press release. According to the information given by the authorities and jail records, the now-former special educator, identified as Janice Foot, 58, was released from jail on a $10,000 bond, a moment that made many parents furious.

Janice Foot was booked and released from jail on December 12

The incident was first brought to the attention of the police on November 8 when parents reached out to them to report the teacher, who had been fired from C.J. Hicks Elementary School for abusing and mistreating their 5-year-old child while under the teacher’s care. The investigation lasted for more than a month, resulting in Foot’s arrest on December 12. Jail records indicate that she was released from jail the same day.

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In the days after the initial report from the parents, police obtained additional documents from C.J. Hicks Elementary School, located in Rockdale County, to determine the need for potential criminal prosecution. Investigators were given Foot’s daily reports and other information, including video and audio materials, from the classroom where the alleged incident took place.

In a press release to the public, police said the video clearly shows the moment Foot assaulted the 5-year-old special education student. “The assault that prompted the investigation is best described as an adult forcing the head of a child against a school desk,” the release stated. But the video also showed Foot mistreating another 5-year-old student.

The motive behind the incident was punishment

Authorities further explained that Foot used physical force to punish the students for previous behavior. Foot reportedly pushed students’ heads on the desk with the aim of preventing them from watching a film shown to the class. Both students suffered injuries, including bruises and scratch marks. As of the writing of this article, it remains unclear if the parents of the second victim filed a report with the police.

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Investigators said that they would continue the investigation and asked everyone with information about this or other incidents to come forward. Please reach out to the police department’s Criminal Investigations Division at (770) 929-4203.

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