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Atlanta Mayor declares ‘Affordable Housing Week’ to address housing crisis

Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens has declared the week from February 12th to February 16th as “Affordable Housing Week.” This time is set to introduce Welcome H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunity Moves for Everyone), which is a fresh approach to how the city handles permits for affordable housing projects.

This is an important heads-up for everyone involved in housing—from developers and builders to architects, non-profits, and local residents. Get ready for a week filled with educational events about how Atlanta is tackling the growing need for affordable homes. The schedule includes sessions to learn more, one-on-one meetings to get direct advice on your housing projects or plans, reviews of those plans, giving out permits to projects that fit the bill, and even a special gathering to cap off the week.

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The projects that can take advantage of this special week include those that are adding on to homes, tearing down and building up residential and multi-family buildings, and other various construction efforts, as long as they match the specific requirements mentioned.

“We will have dedicated staff on site to provide personalized project guidance and feedback and celebrate permits issued for projects in the pipeline. This week will allow us to move forward critical affordable housing developments addressing Atlanta’s affordable housing demand,” said City Planning Commissioner Jahnee Prince.

The following projects are ineligible for Affordable Housing Week plan review:

  • Requires an approval from the Office of Zoning & Development or the Office of Design – Historic Preservation for entitlement (rezoning, variance, special admin permit, subdivision, certificates of appropriateness, etc.).
  • Impacts or removal of trees on site.
  • Proposed encroachment to riparian buffers or flood plain.
  • New Single-Family Developments that create, add, or demolish and replace less than 5,000 square feet of impervious surface or addition or modification that create, add, or demolish.
  • and replace 500 square feet or more of impervious surface.
  • If you have a project that fits the criteria, make sure to submit it through the online portal by Thursday, February 8th to make sure it’s fully received. You’ll need to pay the starting fees to begin the review of your plan. Also, if it’s needed, your project must have approval stamps from entitlement reviews, which should be included with your project’s drawings. Additionally, there are some other rules you’ll need to follow:

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Project drawings must meet intake and review criteria for intake and uploaded using established naming conventions.

  • All phasing must be acknowledged upfront.
  • All third-party inspections must be noted prior to the issuance of the permit if a discount is being sought.
  • The initial submission must include the General Contractor’s credentials and notarized documents as follows: General Contractor Affidavit Form, Contractor Agent Affidavit Authorization Form, General Contractors Business License, General Contractors Georgia
  • State license, General Contractor’s Driver’s License, Contractor’s Agent Driver’s License.
  • Deferred Permits. A deferred plan review and permit are required for the following installations: Fire Sprinkler Permit, Fire Alarm Permit, Fire Underground (FLS Permit)
  • Design professional must be present.

City Planning and other officials will also offer advice for projects that can’t get permits right away. This help is for projects that are just starting, either in the early stages or already underway. These meetings will help people understand how the city works, clear up any confusion about the rules, or deal with specific issues about the location. They’ll also help sort out any problems between different city departments to make getting permits easier later on.

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You need to sign up ahead of time for all the events during Affordable Housing Week. Registration is open from January 30, 2024, to February 8, 2024. You can register at this link: https://forms.office.com/g/DhqDJbRB58. If you’re looking for a review of your plans or want to talk about your project, the staff will set up a meeting time after the registration ends.

Learn more about Affordable Housing Week at https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments/city-planning/office-of-housing-community-development/housing.

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