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Student involvement suspected in Fulton County Schools computer network breach

Alpharetta, Georgia – Fulton County Schools (FCS) is currently looking into a significant security concern involving their computer systems. The district has initiated an investigation following suspicions that students may have gained unauthorized access to these systems.

Addressing the Security Breach

The issue was brought to light in a statement issued to parents by Scott Kent, the Principal of Innovation Academy. In his communication, Kent elaborated on the steps being taken by the district, including a thorough review of their computer network to understand the extent and impact of the breach. While the exact timing of the incident was not specified, the school district made it a point to inform parents about the situation on Monday, Jan. 29.

In a positive development, Kent mentioned in the email that most services at FCS Innovation Academy were back online by Monday. This reinstatement of services means students can now access their FCS accounts, including educational platforms such as Canvas and Teams.

As a precautionary measure and until further notice, the school has advised students to use their FCS-provided laptops for accessing the network. This step is likely aimed at ensuring secure and monitored usage of the school’s digital resources in the wake of the breach.

Innovation Academy, where this security concern has emerged, is a large high school catering to approximately 1,600 students. The school is located in downtown Alpharetta, occupying the site of the former Milton High School.

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