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The Alpharetta Recreation Commission is set to hold an a meeting on January 24

Alpharetta, Georgia – The Alpharetta Recreation Commission is set to hold an important workshop on Wednesday, January 24, at 5:30 PM. This meeting, scheduled to take place at the Alpharetta City Hall located at 2 Park Plaza, is an anticipated event where several significant topics will be discussed. The session, which is open to the public, promises to shed light on various initiatives and projects under the Commission’s purview.

The agenda

The agenda for this workshop, which is available online, indicates that the meeting is intended for discussion purposes, with no formal actions expected on the agenda items. This format provides an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the subjects at hand, allowing for a thorough deliberation by the Commission members.

One of the key items on the agenda is the 2024 Bond Projects Update. This segment will provide a quarterly update on the current status of the Series 2022 Park Bond Projects. These projects are crucial for the enhancement of the city’s recreational facilities and public spaces, making this update highly significant for residents interested in local development and infrastructure improvements.

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Another important topic is the Council Retreat 2024 Updates. This segment will include an annual update from the Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Department, offering insights into the department’s plans and progress since the January 2024 Council Retreat. Such updates are vital for keeping the community informed about the ongoing and future initiatives that impact the cultural and recreational landscape of Alpharetta.

Additionally, the workshop will feature a discussion on the Archery Program at Innovation Academy. This segment is set to be an informational meeting presenting the plans for the Atlanta Archery Club range set-up and programming at the Innovation Academy. The introduction of this program is an exciting development for the community, particularly for those interested in archery and outdoor activities.

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The meeting will also include a segment titled ‘Items from Commission Members’, which typically involves commissioners bringing forward issues or topics for discussion that are not on the formal agenda. This segment adds an element of spontaneity and relevance, ensuring that current and pressing issues are not overlooked.

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The workshop is scheduled to conclude with an adjournment, wrapping up what is expected to be a session full of engaging discussions and informative presentations. The Alpharetta Recreation Commission’s commitment to transparency and community involvement is evident in their open invitation to the public to attend this workshop. Residents of Alpharetta and those interested in the city’s recreational development are encouraged to attend or follow the updates from this significant meeting.

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