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Five people joined the Alpharetta Fire Department

Alpharetta, Georgia – Last Saturday, the Alpharetta Fire Department announced that five new firefighters had joined the team after an extensive 37-week training program. The graduation celebration took place last Saturday, and the fire department shared photos from the ceremony on Facebook.

David Allen, Jonathan Hyatt, Robert Pepe, Giorgio Piazza, and Chandler Wright are the five candidates who are now considered skilled firefighters and advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Coworkers from the Johns Creek Fire Department, who had also been part of the 37-week training, celebrated together with the new Alpharetta Fire Department firefighters.

Alpharetta Fire Department officials said that these candidates successfully managed to complete the training, proving both their mental and physical ability to be part of the team. The extensive training also includes tough situations like real-life emergencies.

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Not only do these firefighters learn how to fight fires, but they also get advanced EMT training as part of their training. This makes sure that they are ready for all types of emergencies. This dual focus shows how dedicated the department is to public safety and emergency reaction in general.

The trainees were pushed to their limits for 37 weeks, going through what the department called “blood, sweat, and tears.” But they faced these problems with determination and strength, and in the end, they celebrated their hard-won victory.

This is not the end of their journey as new firefighters. As the department made clear, people in this difficult job are always learning and growing. The grads will now join the Alpharetta Fire Department and use their newfound knowledge and skills to help people and keep them safe.

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